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Share your Certification Status - Tools You Can Use

Whether you're newly certified, updating your website, or developing your social media strategy, here are some tools you can use.

Newsletter/Website Template

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Congratulations! You’ve worked hard to achieve board certification. We want to help you share this important milestone in your career with your colleagues and community.

Display Your Certificate


In recognition of achieving Board Certified status, ABFAS will provide you with a complimentary framed certificate when you achieve Foot certification, and another if you achieve RRA certification. 

Trademark Agreement

Contact ABFAS to execute a trademark agreement in order to use ABFAS’ Licensed Mark and to promote your board certification.

Trademark Agreement

Recertification Labels


Diplomates who pass the Foot and/or RRA Recertification Examination(s) will receive an updated label(s) for their framed certificate which indicates that the Diplomate’s board certification is valid for an additional 10-year period.