Resident Fees and ITE Conversion

Registration Fees Paid by Residency Programs

Residency programs pay for all In-training Exams (ITEs) registration fees—both PGY 1&2 (and PGY 3 in four-year programs) ITE registration fees and Final-year In-training Exam (FYITE) registration fees. There is no cost to the resident. The fee is $240 per exam.


Conversion Fees for Passed Final-year ITEs

Residents can convert passed Final-year In-training Exams to meet Part I exam requirements. ABFAS assesses $300 for each passed FYITE the candidate wishes to convert.


Step 1: Complete Final-year In-training Exam (FYITE) requirements.

ABFAS has a seven-year expiration rule for examination results. You must achieve Board Qualification within seven years of the date of a passed Final-year ITE you wish to convert it for Board Qualification credit. 


If you pass only one of the FYITEs: Either Didactic or CBPS

It is not necessary to pass both FYITEs to convert one passed ITE score to count toward Board Qualification. For example:

  • Foot Surgery CBPS FYITE PASSED  Convert to Part I Pay $300 conversion fee
  • Foot Surgery Didactic FYITE NOT PASSED Register for Part I Foot Surgery Didactic Exam Pay Part I application and registration fees

If you pass both the Didactic and CBPS FYITEs

Residents who pass both the Foot Surgery Didactic FYITE and NEW CBPS FYITE, or the RRA Surgery Didactic FYITE and NEW CBPS RRA Surgery FYITE, may convert these results to meet Part I (Board Qualification) examination requirements, in which case, candidates do not need to take the corresponding Part I exams. For example:

  • Foot Surgery NEW CBPS FYITE PASSED  Convert to Part I  Pay $300 conversion fee
  • Foot Surgery Didactic FYITE PASSED  Convert to Part I  Pay $300 conversion fee

Board Qualification in Foot Surgery is a prerequisite to obtaining Board Qualification in RRA Surgery.


Step 2: Pay the conversion fee.

The ABFAS online profile displays passed FYITEs that are eligible for conversion: click on “Examinations,” then on  “Exam History.” Exams marked “Passed BQ Not paid” are eligible. Candidates must pay the conversion fee within one year; otherwise, the fee will increase to the full Part I examination fee.

Candidates do not have to pay the conversion fee until they are ready to convert the FYITE(s) for Board Qualification purposes, which, at the earliest, will be at the completion of residency. Candidates do not have to pay the conversion fee for passed RRA FYITEs until they become Board Qualified in Foot Surgery.

Candidates may submit payment to apply the conversion fee in the online profile’s Invoices tab by selecting “Pay BQ Fee Due.” Candidates who do not see an invoice should contact the ABFAS office at 415.553.7800 to pay over the phone.  


Board Qualification without Passed Final-year ITEs

Candidates who do not pass one or more FYITE can take the Part I exams in the Spring of their final residency year, and then again in each Fall thereafter. Register through the ABFAS online profile. Do not register for exams that are eligible for conversion (marked as “Passed BQ Not paid”); register only for the exams you need to fulfill Board Qualification requirements.