Examination Fees

In-training Examination

Residency programs pay for all residents’ in-training exams.  There is no cost to the resident.

PGY 1&2 (and PGY 3 in 4-year programs) $240 Final-year PGY $300

Board Qualification Fee

Foot Surgery Didactic $300
Foot Surgery NEW CBPS $300
RRA Surgery Didactic $300
RRA Surgery NEW CBPS $300


Board Qualification Fee

Residents who score at least 500 (Part I passing score) on their final year In-training (ITE) have the option of using that score towards fulfilling their board qualification examination requirements.  There is a $300 fee for each final year ITE converted into the board qualification examination. 



Passing Both the Didactic and CBPS ITEs

Residents that pass the Foot Surgery didactic and CBPS ITEs or the RRA Surgery didactic and CBPS ITEs may convert these ITE results to meet both Part I examination requirements. Residents may convert the Foot Surgery ITEs, the RRA Surgery ITEs, or both by paying the applicable Board Qualification fees.


You will need to pay $600 total for converting both Didactic and CBPS for either Foot Surgery or Didactic and CBPS RRA Surgery examinations. If you would like to convert passing scores on all four ITE exams you will need to pay $1200 total for converting Didactic and CBPS for both Foot and RRA Surgery examinations.


If you pass only the RRA Surgery ITEs, you must wait until you become Board Qualified in Foot Surgery before you can pay the conversion fee for the RRA Surgery ITEs. Board Qualification in Foot Surgery is a prerequisite for Board Qualification in RRA Surgery.



Passing Only One of the Examinations - Either Didactic or CBPS

You do not have to pass both ITEs to convert a passed ITE to count towards your board qualification.  For example, if you only passed your Foot Surgery CBPS ITE, you can take the Part I Foot Surgery Didactic exam in spring.  Assuming you pass that exam, you can then pay the $300 fee to convert your final year ITE Foot Surgery CBPS into your Part I Foot Surgery board qualification exam.  The converted Foot Surgery CBPS and the passed Part I Foot Surgery Didactic fulfill the board qualification exam requirements. 

You will not have to pay to convert the passed ITE until you pass the remaining board qualification exam. And you do not have to pay to convert passed RRA ITEs until you become board qualified in Foot Surgery.



Things to Remember

As with all ABFAS exams, your final year ITE exam score expires after 7 years.  That means if you do not become board qualified 7 years after you pass a final year ITE, you will need to take and pass the relevant Part I exams in order to become board qualified; after 7 years, you will no longer be able to use the passed final year ITE exam for board qualification purposes. 

If you do not pay the board qualification fee within one year of the ITEs eligibility for conversion, the board qualification fee increases to the full Part I examination fee ($425) for each ITE you want to convert.