Advertising Policies

The ABFAS Board of Directors has adopted these policies to assist diplomates and those board qualified with advertising their ABFAS status appropriately and professionally. Strictly following these policies will protect and enhance the public image of foot and ankle surgery.


All advertising should convey professional values, attitudes, and demeanor. Avoid sensational or flashy advertising techniques

The Board of Directors may implement changes to the Advertising Policies at any time.

Case Review Exam Appeal Policy

In response to candidates’ concerns, ABFAS has developed an appeal policy for its Case Review exam, effective with the 2020 Case Review exam. Case Review is the only ABFAS exam that has an exam appeal policy.  Our expectation is that most candidates will find that the first step in the policy — a conversation about their concerns — will address most issues, at no cost. If not, candidates can choose to make a formal appeal. ABFAS set the cost of the formal appeal at a level that will cover expenses and time for three DPMs to travel to the ABFAS San Francisco office to review each exam appeal, plus staff administrative time, and legal review. If a candidate is successful with their appeal, ABFAS will refund the fee.

Extension Request

Board Qualified candidates who, because of extenuating circumstances, are unable to take their Board Certification examinations before their seven (7) years of qualified status expires, may submit a petition in writing to the Board of Directors for a one-year extension.

Diplomates who, because of extenuating circumstances, are unable to take their Recertification or Self-assessment examination before the ten (10) year limit may submit a petition in writing to the Board of Directors for a one-year extension.

Non-Compliant Reinstatement

Diplomates who did not take the SAE within their ten-year period are non-compliant with maintenance of certification requirements.  To become compliant, they must take the SAE, meet MOC requirements, and pay a $500 penalty.  

Reestablish Request

A former ABFAS diplomate who has lost certification due to failing the recertification examination or having their certification expire can apply to the Board of Directors to reestablish certification. This includes:

  • A written request to the Board of Directors requesting approval to reestablish certification.
  • Proof of active, unrestricted medical license.
  • Documentation of one hundred (100) hours of continuing education credits within the last 24 months, of which sixty (60) hours must be in areas of foot and ankle surgery.
  • Proof of active hospital privileges commensurate with the level of recertification (foot and/or reconstructive rearfoot and ankle). 
  • Payment of a special reestablish fee of $1,000. In addition, upon successful completion of the recertification exam, payment of all past-due annual fees.

If the Board of Directors approves the request to reestablish, the former member has three (3) opportunities within three (3) years to successfully complete the recertification examination.  During this period, the former member will have no ABFAS status.

If a former member passes the recertification examination and meets all the other requirements, she/he will be restored to her/his former status with membership dates and any required recertification dates restored as originally established. 


If ABFAS revokes your status because of non-payment of your annual fee, you may apply for reinstatement. The following criteria must be met in order to reinstate your board status for non-payment of your annual fee:

  • Your seven years of Board Qualified status, time-limited ABFAS certificate, or lifetime certificate self-assessment cycle has not expired.
  • You must submit documentation to ABFAS that you have:
    • met your state's continuing education requirements.
    • an active, unrestricted, podiatric license.
    • active surgical hospital privileges.
  • You must pay all past-due annual fees and late penalties for each year as well as an administrative reinstatement fee.  ABFAS does not pro-rate annual fees. 

Reinstatement Fee: $200

If you’d like more information, please contact ABFAS via email at info@abfas.org, or call our office at 415.553.7800.