Didactic Exam Preparation

What to Expect on the Examinations

Exam Subject Matter

The first step to successful preparation for an ABFAS examination is to understand the topics or subject areas that are covered on the examination. The Exam Content page details the topics on the examination along with the relative weighting of each topic.

Candidates should honestly assess their knowledge and experience against the exam content to determine their strengths and weaknesses and develop an appropriate study plan.   

Exam Structure

It is important to be familiar with the structure of the exam. The Exam Overview pages provide details on the structure of each of the didactic exams.

Didactic Practice Examinations

  • The didactic practice examinations help candidates to become familiar with the types of questions on the examination and to practice multiple-choice test-taking skills.
  • The practice exam format and topics are very similar to the actual didactic examinations, but the practice examination is not a computer-adaptive test. There is an answer key at the end of the exam.
  • Board Qualification candidates and residents taking the In-training Examinations should take the Foot Didactic Exam and the RRA Didactic Exam.

Take the Didactic Practice Exam

  • Sign-in with your ABFAS user name and password using the "Login" button at the top of the webpage. If you need password assistance, you will find it on the "Login" page. 
  • Click on the Online Study Guide. The Foot Didactic Exam and the RRA Didactic Exam are in the StepUp eLearning left navigation bar.
  • Need Help? See the Didactic Practice Exam Quick Start Guide


Other Helpful Didactic Exam Resources