Once you have registered for Case Review, and registration closes, ABFAS will notify you of the facility and date range for the hospital/surgical center audit.  This is the first step in the Case Review examination process. ABFAS will randomly choose one of your facilities for verification of cases you performed there in a given period.

Please note: While ABFAS is verifying your cases, you cannot edit existing cases or enter new ones for this facility and time frame. You should continue to log cases from other facilities. Additionally, the facility audit does not require that you submit an operative report – we only need the procedure name at this stage.

You will need to upload the facility case list and attestation letter from the facility into PLS no later than the date given in the notice. The facility should be able to generate the list from its EMR. Here is a sample of a list.

Step 1. Request the Case List From Your Hospital or Surgical Center

Print the ABFAS email and provide the bottom part to your Director of Medical Records. You can also copy and paste the bottom of this email into a new Word document to print. 

It is your responsibility to make the request to the facility. ABFAS will not be contacting them on your behalf.

Step 2. Upload the Case List into PLS

When you receive the case list and attestation letter from the facility, please verify that the requested date range and fields agree with the dates ABFAS has provided.

Organize the documents you receive in this order: 1) attestation letter; 2) case list. Convert into a single PDF that is also in the correct order. Save the PDF in your computer.

Then follow these steps: 

  • Log into PLS.
  • Click on Case Documentation in the left menu bar, then select Upload Facility List. Click on the Upload button, then select add Files. Locate your PDF file. Click on Start Upload.
  • Once the upload is complete, you are finished with the Facility Case List Submission Task. ABFAS will NOT accept facility case lists sent via postal mail or fax.

Step 3. Notification

After ABFAS has performed a successful audit of the facility case list, we will notify you in January of the procedures selected for case review. Candidates who fail the audit cannot submit cases for that examination year. They will receive a refund of their exam registration fee.