Board Qualification Process

The Board Qualification process requires four phases.


1. Complete Board Qualification exam requirements.
2. Complete your residency program.
3. Submit the proper documentation.
4. Obtain the Board Qualification letter.
  • Please carefully review ABFAS Exam Requirements.
  • Residents who pass an individual Final-year In-training Exam (FYITE) have the option to convert that score toward fulfilling their Board Qualification examination requirements. Review the Residents Fees webpage for more information.


  • All candidates must complete a CPME accredited, three-year-minimum residency program to attain ABFAS Board Qualification. Please note, ABFAS cannot grant "Board Qualified – active" status until you fully complete residency.
  • During residency, log all surgical cases in the Podiatry Residency Resource (PRR). Logs must list all cases you performed or in which you participated during residency and must meet the minimum surgical training requirements per CPME Document 320. 
  • ABFAS will check to ensure your surgery case log in PRR is complete and verified by your Program Director. It is the resident’s responsibility to contact the Program Director (PD) if the PD does not officially graduate the resident in PRR.


Submit the following required documentation for Board Qualification to

  • Residency completion certificate
  • An active, unrestricted, state podiatric medical license

Many hospitals or surgery centers require ABFAS Board Qualified status for surgical privileges. Submit documentation of surgical privileges within one-year of becoming Board Qualified to

  • Documentation must contain the signature of a hospital/surgery center official if possible or be on the letterhead of hospital/surgery center.


  • ABFAS grants Board Qualified status only to those who provide documentation of residency certificate and state medical licensure — even for those who pass the Board Qualification examinations.
  • ABFAS must receive documentation within one year of passing the Part I Board Qualification examinations; documentation received later than one-year results in non-compliance with Board Qualification policy.
  • When you meet all Board Qualification requirements, ABFAS will issue you a letter bearing the embossed ABFAS seal and update your status to Board Qualified.