Case Selection and Uploading

ABFAS will randomly select 11 Foot Surgery and/or 11 RRA Surgery cases from your PLS logs. In January, ABFAS will notify you via email that the list of cases selected for Case Review is available on the PLS site. You will then upload complete documentation, including all images, into PLS for review. ABFAS does not allow paper submissions.

Case Documentation Instructions

ABFAS evaluates and scores all procedures based on materials you provided.

  • Providing incomplete documentation is a common error. If you make this error, you may receive a lower score.
  • All documents must be legible.
  • All typed/handwritten materials must be submitted in PDF format.
  • Where possible, please highlight your name when listed as surgeon.

Podiatric History and Physical (H&P)/Assessment

  • ABFAS is looking for your preoperative assessment of the specific condition requiring/leading to the surgical procedure. If the records are handwritten, please submit H&P records electronically as both (1) scanned copies of all handwritten material and (2) typed copies of all your handwritten materials. Please convert typed copies to PDF format. Alternatively, you can submit copies of electronic medical records.  

Operative Report (OP Report)

  • Submit a copy of the typed operative report upon which you are listed as Surgeon (not Co-Surgeon, Assistant Surgeon, or any other designation). Common error: Another physician is listed as a surgeon or co-surgeon.

Progress Notes 

  • Submit typed progress notes from the first presentation following the procedure through the final outcome in the Progress Notes section.
  • Include all pertinent supportive medical assessments generated by other physicians.
  • If your patient undergoes multiple procedures on separate days, present all progress notes, including any notes related to complications, prior surgery or surgical revisions.


  • Submit separate consultative reports, such as vascular, neurological, oncology.

Laboratory Reports (Labs)/Diagnostic Reports

  • Submit copies of any relevant report of preoperative tests ordered, including laboratory studies, MRI, nuclear medicine, electrodiagnostic studies, etc.

Pathology Report (Path Report)

  • Submit copies of any pathology report for soft-tissue lesions, infections, and other procedures for which a specimen was sent because abnormal pathology was present.

Intraoperative Anesthesia Record/Circulating Nurse’s Notes 

  • Submit copies of the intraoperative anesthesia record or circulating nurse’s notes from the facility listing you as the surgeon of record (not the anesthesiology consultation notes). This document provides ABFAS with verification that you were the surgeon of record.

ABFAS Policy for Potential Misrepresentation

  • Any incomplete, questionable, modified, or falsified case materials submitted may be evaluated further by ABFAS.
  • If Case Review uncovers any suspicion or evidence of falsified records, including altered labeling of medical imaging studies, if substantiated, it may result in, at minimum, forfeiture of the right to sit for the examination and all fees paid and, at maximum, disqualification for Board Qualification or Certification.
  • ABFAS may require that you help verify submitted documents.
  • ABFAS reserves the right to pursue further investigation including, but not limited to, sending an ABFAS-appointed representative to the hospital/surgery center to further review documentation.
  • Failure to comply with the process and/or discovery of falsified records will result in disqualification and such other action as ABFAS deems appropriate, including revocation of Board Qualified status, disqualification for certification, and forfeiture of fees paid.

The Board Certification Document provides examples of proper documentation.



Board Certification Document (pdf)
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