Make sure you log your cases into Podiatry Logging Service (PLS) for Surgery so you can register for Case Review. If you don’t meet the case number and diversity requirements, you won’t be able to register. Also, make sure you use the correct logging procedure codes.

Common Logging Errors

Mislogging is one of the major reasons why candidates fail Case Review.  Pay close attention to ensure you log each case accurately.  Below is a list of common logging errors that resulted in candidates failing Case Review:

  • A Lisfranc fracture ORIF or arthrodesis is not considered a rearfoot procedure. A Lisfranc fracture ORIF should be logged as 4.13 (Open management of tarsometatarsal fracture/dislocation) and a Lisfranc joint arthrodesis is logged as 4.15 (tarsometatarsal fusion). Please note: "Midfoot" joint(s) refers to any joint proximal to, and not including, tarsometatarsal/Lisfranc joint.
  • A Lapidus bunionectomy is a first ray procedure and should only be logged as 2.1.6 (bunionectomy with first metatarsocuneiform fusion) or 2.2.5 (joint salvage with first metatarsocuneiform fusion) or 2.3.3 (metatarsocuneiform fusion, other than for hallux valgus or hallux limitus).
  • A Haglund's deformity where the posterior heel exostosis is shaved (without detaching and reattaching a major portion of the Achilles tendon) should be logged as 4.1 (partial ostectomy). Such cases are never used for Case Review. If logged incorrectly we will not review the case and that will negatively impact your overall case review score. If the removal of the bone spur includes detachment and reattachment of the Achilles, you must use 4.19.
  • Plastic surgery does not include simple wound debridement and synthetic/biological graft application. A synthetic/biological graft application and/or simple double elliptical lesion excision does not meet the criteria for Case Review and if submitted we will not review that case and that will negatively impact your overall Case Review score.
  • A Kidner procedure should be logged either as 5.1.6 (tendon augmentation/supplementation/restoration) or 3.1 (excision of ossicle). Removal of any ossicle such as os peroneum, os navicularis, os trigonum should only be logged as 3.1. Do not take the risk and log incorrectly as a simple ossicle removal with/without tendon debridement which is not a qualified procedure for Case Review. We will not review the case and that will negatively impact your overall Case Review score.
  • Do not log a joint salvage procedure with cheilectomy only as a joint salvage procedure with distal metatarsal osteotomy. We may not review the case and that will negatively impact your overall Case Review score.    
  • Open management of fracture or metatarsophalangeal joint (MTPJ) dislocation cases must include internal or external fixation.
  • In cases where a subchondroplasty procedure is performed as part of another procedure, only the index procedure must be logged. For example, a talar dome or distal tibial subchondroplasty may only be logged as:
  • 5.2.7 open management of talar dome lesion (with or without osteotomy), or
  • 5.2.8 ankle arthrotomy with removal of loose body or other osteochondral debridement

If subchondroplasty is performed in isolation, the appropriate logging mandates use of one of the following subcategories:

  • 1.13 other osseous digital procedure not listed above
  • 2.3.10 other first ray procedure not listed above
  • 4.18 other osseous procedures not listed (distal to the tarsometatarsal joint)
  • 5.2.11 other elective reconstructive rearfoot/ankle osseous surgery not listed above
  • Log treatment of a dislocating peroneal tendon (including fibular groove depending) as 5.16 tendon augmentation/supplementation/restoration, not as an osteotomy.