In January 2022, ABFAS launched the Longitudinal Education and Assessment for Diplomates (LEAD) program to replace the traditional, once-every-ten-years recertification and self-assessment examinations. 

Similar to continuous certification programs introduced by other certifying boards, LEAD consistently demonstrates both the potential for continuous, ongoing learning of surgical concepts and the flexibility and ease with which busy surgeons can answer LEAD questions—plus, no need to take time away from work or family to travel to a testing center.


How LEAD Works

LEAD Program Requirements

All Diplomates must complete a minimum of twelve quarters of LEAD during each five-year period. Additionally, time-limited Diplomates must meet or exceed the MDT p-value standard by June 30 of their expiration year.

Note: Since LEAD was implemented in 2022, Diplomates may have adjusted requirements until they are on a five-year cycle that aligns with their certificate expiration.


Answer 20 questions per quarter online, using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Stop and start anytime within the quarter and pick up where you left off.
Receive instant feedback on questions—including correct answers, references, and rationales—for continuous learning and improvement.
Track your progress, including your MDT p-value and how many quarters you have completed and still require to renew your certification.

Renew Your Certification


Maintain an active, unrestricted podiatric license in the United States or Canada.
Be surgically active and maintain active surgical privileges at either a hospital or surgical center.
Obtain 100 continuing education credits in each five-year period per ten-year cycle.
Participate in the LEAD assessment and meet or exceed the p-value standard by June 30 of your expiration year.

If you meet these requirements by June 30 of your expiration year, ABFAS will renew your certificate for 10 years.  On July 1, your next 10-year certification cycle will begin.