Part II Case Review Overview

There are four steps in the ABFAS Case Review process. We encourage candidates to review the Case Review Overview for Candidates webpage for informational resources, including a webinar and FAQ.

1. Case Logging in Podiatry Logging Service for Surgery (PLS)

  • Enter all post-residency procedures into PLS that you have performed where you are the surgeon of record.  Continue to enter until you pass case review.
  • Cases performed while in a fellowship program are acceptable only if you are the surgeon of record.
  • If you are already certified in Foot Surgery and are seeking RRA certification, you only need to log RRA cases.

2. Required Procedures

The PLS system will inform you when you have met the quantity and diversity requirements. Click on the link at the top of the “Manage Case” page, which states “Do I meet the requirements?”, it will generate a report that shows the number of cases in each qualifying category. 

If you have taken Case Review previously and were unsuccessful, ABFAS cannot use those cases again. Therefore, while you may meet the required minimum number of cases, you may not have enough cases to meet case selection criteria. This is why it’s important for you to continue logging all cases until you pass Case Review.

In the report, the bottom of the table shows the minimum number of cases you need for Foot and for RRA case review eligibility. The center section addresses whether you have enough cases for ABFAS to select cases for the exam.

3. Facility Documentation

  • Facility Audit
    • ABFAS will select one of the facilities and a time period of cases in which you performed surgery to ensure you have logged all procedures performed at that facility into PLS. ABFAS also requires an attestation letter from the Director of Medical Records attesting that this submitted list is correct.
    • Here is a sample facility audit list.
    • Here is a sample attestation letter.

4. Case Documentation and Case Review

The Case Review Overview for Candidates webpage includes informational resources, including a webinar and FAQ, that candidates will find helpful as they prepare documents and images for upload.

ABFAS will randomly select 11 Foot Surgery and/or 11 RRA Surgery cases from your PLS logs.  You will need to upload all case documentation (H&P/assessment, images, laboratory and pathology reports, operative report, progress notes, any consultations, and the intraoperative anesthesia record/circulating nurse’s notes) into PLS.

A team of ABFAS Diplomates will evaluate all aspects of your cases.  This includes evaluation of preoperative clinical and radiographic assessments and post-operative care, as well as performance of the procedure(s) including technical skills assessment and outcome analysis.