Changes to Case Review Requirements for 2017

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Board Nominations

The ABFAS Nominating Committee for 2016-2017 has submitted the following four nominations for election to the three positions on the Board of Directors that will become vacant on September 1, 2016.
Read their bios and statements here
Dr. William R. Adams -- Kentucky
Dr. Danny Choung -- California (incumbent)
Dr. Roya Mirmiran -- New Mexico (incumbent)
Dr. Amberly C. Paradoa -- Florida

Important ABFAS deadlines

Important deadlines are in effect for candidates who completed a CPME-approved residency of less than three years, but are not yet ABFAS certified. As there are a number of steps candidates will need to take in order to complete the process by then, we want to make sure that you are aware of them.

Candidates without Board Qualified status have only until December 31, 2018 to complete the ABFAS board qualification and certification processes. Please see the accompanying timeline for important exam and case review application dates. Document 110 provides additional
details about the process.

Candidates with Board Qualified status may pursue board certification until expiration of their Board Qualified status. Candidates may apply for requalification; however, any requalification may not extend beyond December 31,
2018. See Document 110 for details. Please see the accompanying timeline for important exam and case review application dates.

Spring 2016 Exam Registration is open
 Log in to your personal page to register. 

Planning to sit for the 2016 Exams?

Please look at the new exam policy documents, which you will find under the Resources section of the site.

Need to practice taking the CBPS exam so you know how it works? 
Click here.  
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You will also find a pdf with more detailed
instructions here.

News About the Case Review Process

If you plan to sit for the upcoming case review process, please make note of some changes.  
You’ll find more details in Document 220.

NEW: Open management of fractures must include some type of internal or external fixation.

: Candidates currently certified in Foot surgery seeking only RRA certification are only required to log all RRA procedures performed January 1, 2009 or later (or when candidate first achieved Board Qualified status subsequent to January 1, 2009). (Previously, candidates had to continue logging foot procedures in addition to RRA).

CLARIFICATION: The candidate must be listed as the surgeon of record in the intraoperative anesthesia record (no co-surgeon). 

CHANGE: The ABFAS randomly selects up to 13 procedures from those logged in PLS.  (changed from 10)

NEW:  Policy for Potential Misrepresentation: Any incomplete, questionable, modified or falsified case materials submitted may be evaluated further by the ABFAS. The ABFAS may require that the candidate assist in the verification of submitted documents. The ABFAS reserves the right to pursue further investigation including, but not limited to, sending an ABFAS appointed representative to further review documentation. Failure to comply with the process and/or discovery of falsified records will result in disqualification of the candidate and such other action as ABFAS deems appropriate including revocation of Board Qualified status, disqualification for certification and forfeiture of fees paid.


December 8
Applications and Fees Due to ABFAS.

December 14
ABFAS sends candidates instructions for Verification of Surgical Privileges and
Facility Surgical Privileges and Facility Surgical Procedure List Attestation. 

January 8
Deadline for Facility Surgical Procedure List Attestation.

January 20
ABFAS notifies candidates that the list of procedures selected for complete
documentation is available on the PLS site.

March 11
Deadline for candidate submission of complete electronic case documentation. 
You must submit by 11:59 pm Pacific Time on March 11, 2016

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