NBPME Survey on Clinical Skills Assessment or Verification for Licensure

Since the February 2021 postponement of the Part II CSPE, the National Board of Podiatric Medical Examiners (NBPME) has established an investigation to review options and ensure pathways for progression and licensure for its students and residents, while maintaining the trust earned from patients, the public, licensing authorities, and others that DPM graduates have the requisite skills. 

As part of this important work, the NBPME is inviting you to share your input on how to accomplish these goals by completing an online survey

The survey will close on November 1, and takes approximately ten minutes to complete. NBPME has partnered with WBA Research, an independent research firm, to conduct this important survey.  All of your answers are strictly confidential, and will only be used in aggregated analyses. They will not be linked back to you.  

All stakeholders in the podiatry profession are encouraged to participate.