A Message from ABFAS President William R. Adams, DPM

William Adams, DPMAugust 10, 2021

The pandemic has been difficult for all of us. Quarantines and patient appointment cancellations have evolved into webinars, teleconferences, and telehealth visits. We now are accustomed to wearing masks during patient encounters and visits to the grocery store. Even our children have had to adapt to remote learning, sports being delayed or cancelled, and visiting with friends on social media or teleconference.

We are seeing some optimistic signs, of course. We are thrilled that DPMs and other medical professionals are beginning to receive vaccinations, and that many of our profession are able to participate in administering vaccines.

What a year of changes! Yet, 2020 also taught us all a lot about patience and that we do have the ability to adapt and survive in difficult times.

We have made changes here at ABFAS, as well. We temporarily reduced our annual membership fee to address COVID-19 economic effects. Our staff is working remotely, but still being responsive to your needs. Board and committee meetings are now virtual. Unfortunately, we had to delay exams but have been able to add additional testing options to address the capacity issues at Pearson VUE testing centers. After several delays to the in-person process, we ultimately opted to move Case Review to a virtual platform, with volunteers throughout the country working from home to assist us in the process.

These changes are the earmarks of an ongoing evolution, and I do not know if things will ever return to our previous sense of “normal.” We must continue to push forward
and learn how to be successful in our new normal. We at ABFAS will continue to serve our Diplomates and candidates—as evidenced by our evolution to the LEAD program
of Continuous Certification, outlined in this issue—and will continue to be a credential the public can trust.

Lyndon Johnson said, “The noblest search is the search for excellence.” I believe in our process, our seasons, and the changes they bring. Our job is to embrace those changes
and make this a season to continue our search for excellence, and to be our best, for you.

William R. Adams, DPM

Actively involved with ABFAS since 2007, William Adams, DPM, practices in Paducah, Kentucky with the Orthopaedic Institute of Western Kentucky.