Self-assessment Process

Note: ABFAS is transitioning its ten-year Maintenance of Certification programs to the LEAD program, a process of continuous certification based on a longitudinal assessment. All diplomates, regardless of certification year, will participate in the new program starting in 2022, and at that time ABFAS will no longer conduct recertification/self-assessment examinations. Learn more on the LEAD program webpage.


Self-assessment Requirements (Pre-1991), Lifetime Certificate

Maintenance of Certification Requirements (Pre-1991), Lifetime Certificates: 


Maintain an active, unrestricted podiatric license in the US or Canada. Diplomates must report any change in licensing status to ABFAS.


      Maintain active surgical privileges at a hospital or surgical center and send proof of privileges to ABFAS. Documentation must contain the signature of a hospital/surgery center official if possible or be on the letterhead of hospital/surgery center.   View a sample of a hospital/surgical center privilege letter.

        Continuing Education (CE)

        Obtain 200 hours of Category 1* CME credits, which includes:

        • Participating in 200 hours of Category 1 or CPME-approved continuing education (CE) credits per 10-year cycle,
        • Ensuring all CE credits are pertinent to the practice of podiatric medicine and/or surgery (not including practice management, but including risk management)

        * Category 1 activities are those that have been approved by an accredited sponsor. An accredited sponsor may include, but is not limited to, CPME, AMA, and AOA.

        Obtaining Documentation of CE Credits

        Diplomates must attest to the completion of their CE credits when registering for the Self-assessment exam. Diplomates do not need to provide documentation. ABFAS may perform audits to ensure the accuracy of submitted data.

        CME Proration Information

        Continuing education credit requirements will be prorated per year as follows:

        2016 – 20 credits                             2021 – 120 credits
        2017 – 40 credits                             2022 – 140 credits
        2018 – 60 credits                             2023 – 160 credits
        2019 – 80 credits                             2024 – 180 credits
        2020 – 100 credits                   All years after 2024 – 200 credits


        Diplomates with lifetime certificates will take a Self-assessment Examination (SAE). Learn more about the SAE on the Exam Overview page. 

        Certified: Surgically Inactive Status

        Diplomates who no longer actively doing foot and/or ankle surgery, but still practicing podiatry, may be eligible for “Certified: Surgically Inactive” status. Diplomates must maintain MOC requirements and hospital privileges but not necessarily surgical privileges.


        For more information, email ABFAS at or call our office at 415.553.7800.


        Three-year Window of Opportunity

        Diplomates may take the examination in the 8th, 9th, or 10th year of their MOC cycle.


        For diplomates who do not take the Self-assessment examination within their ten-year period, their verification report will state “Not Compliant with Maintenance of Certification. For more information see our Policy page.