Exam Scoring

Results Reporting

Score reports are available for all recertification and SAE examinations. Score reports include a total numeric scaled score and subject area scores.  Score reports are downloadable from the Diplomate's profile page.

Diplomates taking the SAE do not receive a pass/fail result.

Score reports are available about 6 to 8 weeks after the final day of the examination window. Diplomates are notified by email when results are ready.

Scaled Scores

The recertification and SAE scores are reported as scaled scores rather than raw scores or percent correct. Scores are transformed into scaled scores so that they remain comparable across different versions of the examination and as the examinations change over time. The scores are reported on a scale of 200-800.  Examinations are not scored on a curve.

Recertification Examination Minimum Passing Score 

The recertification examinations minimum passing score is based on standard-setting studies performed by expert panels under the guidance of an independent psychometric consultant. All diplomates that meet or exceed the minimum score required to pass will pass the examination.

SAE does not have a minimum score required to pass because it is not a pass/fail examination.

Minimum Passing Scores

Recertification Examination          Passing Score 
Foot Surgery          310
RRA Surgery           500


Score Reports

Score reports contain two types of scoring information: Total Score and Subject Area.

Total Score is the scaled numeric score, aggregated from performance across the entire exam. This is the score that determines Pass/Fail outcomes for the recertification examinations.

Subject Area Scores

A numeric scaled score for each subject area. Due to the small number of questions in each area, individual subject area scores have lower reliability than the total score and should be interpreted with caution. The total score is not simply the sum, nor average, of the numeric subject area scores, because subject areas are weighted differently.

Score ranges for Fail, Low Pass, and High Pass are reported for each examination. The SAE score report shows these ranges for the Foot Surgery recertification examination for comparison. There is no pass/fail for the SAE.

Issues with Examinations

  • Please email examconcerns@abfas.org immediately if you have any questions or concerns about an examination you have taken.
  • Candidate concerns are addressed as part of the routine examination scoring process. 
  • An independent psychometric consultant rescores and reviews all failed examinations prior to ABFAS releasing results.
  • ABFAS staff cannot discuss your results with you or anybody else.
  • ABFAS does not release copies of the test items nor does it review test items with candidates.