LEAD Program Participation Requirement

ABFAS defines full participation in a LEAD assessment quarter as completing all 30 questions within the quarter’s timeframe. Then, ABFAS will count that quarter toward the required twelve quarters within each five-year period.

Learn more about your specific requirements using the LEAD Program Requirements interactive tool.


Time-limited Certificates
(Certified after 1990)

Diplomates holding Time-limited Board Certifications must complete two five-year periods within a ten-year Board Certification cycle. Diplomates holding RRA Surgery Board Certifications are not required to complete separate participation requirements.  

Each Diplomate’s LEAD cycle start and end dates coincide with their Foot Surgery Board Certification ten-year cycle dates. The Diplomate must participate in required quarters by June 30 of their Foot Surgery Board Certification expiration year. 


Lifetime Certificates
(Certified before 1991)

A Diplomate who holds a Lifetime certificate started their first five-year LEAD cycle in January 2022. A Diplomate must participate in 12 quarters of the LEAD assessment by June 30 at the conclusion of every five-year period.