Part II CBPS Exam Overview

The Part II CBPS Examination

The CBPS examination presents a simulated case that describes a patient’s condition and may include medical history, images, and other pertinent information. You then select case-relevant physical exam tasks, imaging, laboratory tests, and/or diagnostic procedures. As you select options, more information may be displayed that could help you arrive at a diagnosis. Next, you determine treatment, additional diagnoses, and follow-ups as needed. Scores are earned on each aspect of case management, not just diagnosis and treatment.

Exam Objective: Measures case management skills including patient examination, data gathering and critical synthesis of collected clinical data to arrive at a diagnosis and/or treatment.

Exam Type: Computer-based simulated clinical environment.

Exam Structure (Spring 2020): 12 Foot cases, 15 minutes per case; 16 RRA cases, 15 minutes per case.