Application Fee
Application Fee (NON-REFUNDABLE). Paid once per calendar year based on the year the exam takes place, regardless of number of exams. If you register for both Spring and Fall exams that occur in the same calendar year, the fee is paid once in the Spring. $225.00
Written Examinations Fee
Part I Foot Surgery $425.00
Part I RRA Surgery $425.00
Computer Based Patient Simulation (CBPS) - Foot $425.00
Computer Based Patient Simulation (CBPS) - RRA $425.00
Recertification-Foot Surgery $675.00
Recertification-RRA Surgery $675.00
Self-Assessment $675.00
In-training (paid by institution) $200.00
Part II Examinations Fee
Foot Surgery CBPS Exam $425.00
Foot Surgery Case Review $475.00
RRA Surgery CBPS Exam $425.00
RRA Surgery Case Review $475.00
Late Withdrawals from Examinations Fee
Foot Surgery (Part 1 or Part II)- one exam $150.00
RRA Surgery (Part I or Part II)- one exam $150.00
Foot Surgery (Part I or Part II)- 2 or more exams $250.00
RRA Surgery (Part I or Part II)- 2 or more exams $250.00
Foot Recertification $100.00
RRA Recertification $100.00
Self-Assessment $100.00
Refunds are only for exam fees. The Application fee is nonrefundable. Requests to withdraw must be received and approved by ABFAS no less than seventy-two (72) hours prior to the scheduled exam start time (local Testing Center time). No exam fee refunds will be authorized after that time. Candidates who do not appear for an examination and have not withdrawn by the deadline will forfeit all fees paid.
Annual Fees Fee
Board Qualified $205.00
Board Certified $350.00
Late Fee (after September 30) $100.00
Special Fees Fee
Reinstatement Fee-Board Qualified $100.00
Reinstatement Fee-Board Certified $200.00
Self-Assessment Noncompliance Fee $500.00
Reestablish Certification $1,000.00