• How do I request ABFAS status verifications?


    In order to request a status verification, you must have a user account to access the online verification system. 

    First-time users: Please download and complete a New Verification Account Request Form and email it to verifications@abfas.org

    Existing users: Please log in to the online verification system. You will then be routed automatically to the first step of the verification process.

  • How do I add additional users or remove users from my existing verification account?

    If you have an existing Verification account and would like to add additional users to your account, please download and complete the Add/Remove Verification User Request Form and email it to verifications@abfas.org.
  • How do I pay for verifications?


    In order to request verifications, credentialers need to use our online verification system. You must have an online account in order to access our system.  See Getting Started for details about how to establish a user verification account.

    You can pay for individual verifications using our online system ($35). To pay by mail or fax, download our Individual Status Verification Payment form ($42).

    To purchase a block of 15 verifications ($35 each) for $525 download the Block Verification Form.

    If paying by check, please mail the form with your payment.

    Send to:

    Mail: ABFAS, 445 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94117

    Fax: 415-553-7801

    If you have questions, please call 415-553-7800.

  • What is the difference between Board Qualified and Board Certified?  What does it
    mean to be a Candidate?


    Board Qualified status indicates that a podiatric surgeon has passed the Part I examinations in Foot Surgery and/or Reconstructive Rearfoot/Ankle Surgery and has an active license. Individuals who are Board Qualified are not members of the ABFAS but are “in progress.”

    Board Certified status indicates that the individual has passed the Part II examinations, holds hospital privileges, and has an active license. Individuals with Board Certified status are members of ABFAS.

    Candidate status indicates a podiatric surgeon who graduated from a CPME-approved residency program and is eligible to enter the ABFAS certification process.

  • How long is the verification report available and does it update if the DPM’s
    status changes?


    Access to an individual verification report is available for only six months from the original order date.  We encourage you to download the report upon purchase and save it on your own computer.  If you need to access the report after six months from the original order date, you will need to repurchase the report.  If a DPM’s status changes, the verification report will update automatically.  If you are within six months from the original order date you can redownload the verification report under the verification history tab and it will reflect the new status.

  • Are exam results released in the status verification?

    No information is released about whether a candidate passed or failed an exam. The ABFAS verification report provides information about the candidate’s podiatric medical school graduation, completion of residency training, state licensure, whether the candidate is an ABFAS board certified or board qualified podiatric surgeon, and when that status was achieved and will expire.

Additional Questions

For additional questions or issues with the online verification process, call the ABFAS office at 415-553-7800, or email us at verifications@abfas.org.