Maintenance of Certification

Effective in 2017, ABFAS will replace the current recertification process with Maintenance of Certification (MOC).

If you apply for recertification in 2017 and thereafter, these will be the requirements:

  1. Maintain a valid, unrestricted podiatric license in the United States or Canada.
  2. Maintain active surgical privileges at either an accredited hospital or surgical center.
  3. Obtain 200 continuing education credits (Category 1 or CPME-approved) per 10-year-cycle.
  4. Take a secure examination consisting of the fundamental diagnostic skills, medical knowledge and clinical judgment to provide quality care every ten-year certification cycle.

Read the MOC program documents here: 

ABFAS 111-2020 Maintenance of Certification (SAE) for Diplomates with Lifetime Certificates

ABFAS 112-2020 Maintenance of Certification Program for Time-Limited Certificates