Exam Oversight Committee (Ad Hoc)

Purpose: Oversees the direction of ABFAS exams. Acts as an advisory group to the Board Psychometrician and a sounding board to the Board of Directors.

Mindy L. B. Benton, DPM  Member MN
Albert E. Burns, DPM Member CA
Danny J. Choung, DPM Member/BM CA
Jeffery L. Giesking DPM Member/BM WI
Keith L. Jacobson, DPM Member/BM  CO
Charles M. Lombardi, DPM Member NY
Christopher D. Lotufo, DPM Member WA
Alan Ng, DPM Member CO
Martin M. Pressman, DPM Member CT
Ronald G. Ray, DPM Member MT
Richard S. Schachter, DPM Member NJ
Steven M. Spinner, DPM Member FL