Exam Oversight Committee (Ad Hoc)

Purpose: Oversees the direction of ABFAS exams. Acts as an advisory group to the Board Psychometrician and a sounding board to the Board of Directors.

William R. Adams, DPM, Exam Chair,BM, KY
Mindy L.B. Benton, DPM, Chair, New Pathways, MN
Danny J. Choung, DPM, Immediate Past-President, CA
Jeffery L. Giesking, DPM Chair CBPS,BM, WI
Keith L. Jacobson, DPM, President, CO
Charles M. Lombardi, DPM, NY
Christopher D. Lotufo, DPM, WA
Alan Ng, DPM, CO
Richard S. Schachter, DPM, NJ
Steven M. Spinner, DPM, FL