Thanks to all of you who responded to our recent survey! And congratulations to the first 25 who will be receiving $10 Starbucks gift cards. You’ll find the names at the end of this article. Although many of you now have limited contact with ABFAS other than scheduling your in-training...
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Page Title The ABFAS In-training Examinations (ITE) are designed to assess clinical and academic knowledge acquired during each year of podiatric resident training. In addition, the exams provide residents with an opportunity to experience ABFAS’...
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ABFAS has made an important change to the requirements for maintaining your ABFAS certification. This change goes into effect for the 2018 Recertification exams.   You will now need to submit your case logs for the past two years prior to registering for the...
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Registration is now open for 2018 Recertification Foot, Recertification RRA, and Self-Assessment Exams. You will find information about registration closing dates and examination days on our Exams page. You can now register, pay for, and schedule your exam. To register for your exam, go...
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The ABFAS Board of Directors has made an important change to the Part II CBPS  registration process. CBPS registration is now independent from Part II Case Review. Candidates can now register for the Part II CBPS exam after they are board qualified, even if they have not yet completed or...
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